How to Draw an Eye · Art Projects for Kids

Learn how to draw an eye in the style of René Magritte. His famous painting challenged people to think more about what they think they see.

How to Draw an Eye

René Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist who became well known for creating a number of witty and thought-provoking images. His famous painting, The False Mirror, is that of a large unblinking eye whose iris is filled with white fluffy clouds.

Known for challenging observers’ preconditioned ideas of what is real, and what is not, René’s work over the years influenced pop art, minimalist art, and conceptual art. That means that Magritte played large role in the art world of the early 1900s and there is much to learn from trying on some of his ideas.

A single large eye that fills the paper is a fun Magritte image for students to try on their own. It not only sets them up to creatively to finish the inside as they choose, it can also offer a bit of realistic drawing practice too. Making sure that iris is tucked in a bit under the lid is a good eye-drawing tip to know, and a bit of simple shading (VALUE, for the Elements of Art followers) around the eye folds adds for a more real looking eye too.

One idea for a handy circle template is to use an old CD to trace. They are the perfect size and help place the center pupil circle too. Plus, CDs are not good for landfills as they are made of materials that don’t decompose. They make great repurposed art room tools and come in handy in many different ways.



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