How to Draw a Walking Horse · Art Projects for Kids

Learn how to draw a walking horse in a fun, prancing pose. An easy step-by-step tutorial will show you how.

How to Draw a Horse

This tutorial is made for the student that loves to draw horses, but is past that beginner stage of just getting all the basic body parts in place. It’s necessary to be familiar with the face, mane and hoofs and so one, but at some point, students may want to learn how to draw a horse that has some of the beautiful curves they are familiar with.

Everything about a horse is curvy, if you stop and think about it, and curves call for judgement calls. Does the curve go up or down? Is it a gentle curve, like the curve of the belly, or is it dramatic, like the those bent back legs? It takes practice to get good at seeing and drawing curves, so I’d encourage any student to be patient with themselves as they learn how to master them. The eventual reward of drawing a horse that feels very graceful and true, is well worth the wait.



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