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When we think about magic, we think about enchanting fairies sprinkling fairy dust as we slumber in our beds. Taking a close look at the miniature world of fairies can be a fun way to start talking to kids about respecting all forms of nature, be it big, small and even teeny tiny. Thinking about fairy worlds can really work out our creative thinking muscles, too. What kind of food would fairies find? How could they use an acorn? What kind of house does a fairy live in? We can have fun talking about fairies together. 

This fairy house DIY night light makes the perfect craft time activity, gift or homemade decor piece for a child’s bedroom. (We also wanted to point out that there is no glitter involved, wink wink! However, if glitter makes you happy you can absolutely decorate your house however you like.)  We know the fairies in your house will love their new home. Let’s get started! 

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

Things you’ll need 

  • Glass Jar 
  • Marker 
  • Felt in assorted colors
  • Scissors
  • White glue and a paintbrush that can be used for glue 
  • Battery operated tea light or small twinkle lights 
  • Bottle caps, one large and one small 
  • Plate or bowl
  • Optional: glow in the dark paint
Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

First, wrap a piece of felt around your jar and trim the height and width.

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

Next, trace your small bottle cap on the felt in several places to make some round windows and the arch of the doorway. 

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

Cut these shapes away.  

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

To make your door and window trim, trace the large, then small bottle caps on a new color of felt of your choice. You can use the cut away door as a template by tracing it onto the felt and drawing around it. 

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

Cut out these shapes.

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

Glue the trim in place by painting on the glue with a paint brush.

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

Turn your felt piece over and glue strips into the window to make little window panes.

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

Paint glue onto the back of the entire piece of felt and wrap it around your jar.

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

To make your fairy house roof, trace a plate or bowl onto a piece of felt. Choose a magical color! Loosely cut out the circle to make a natural looking mushroom shape.

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

Cut a straight line from the edge to the centre of your circle. Layer both of the edges to make a peak. Glue the overlapping edges together.

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

You can decorate your mushroom rooftop with felt circles or get creative!

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

Cut a strip of green felt long enough to wrap around the bottom of the jar. Trim some grass texture and glue it in place.

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

Add some tiny little felt flowers for extra color.  

Optional Step: 
Paint some glow in the dark paint inside the jar behind the windows and doorway to give the house an extra glow and conceal any no-heat lighting you use inside.

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

Place a no-heat battery operated tea light inside the jar. You can use any battery operated, no-heat led light.

Fairy House DIY Night Light Craft

Admire your creation and get ready for some fairy visitors!

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